This is suitable for which paints Linomat roller S100?
This roller is suitable for all water-based paints.

Linomat S200 and S300 for which paints is this suitable?
Suitable for both water-based and synthetic paints.

How long does the Linomat roller S100 average last?
That depends on the surface. But the roller can be used on average 4 times

Linomat S100/S200 can also be used with other type rollers?
No that is not possible, these rollers are specially developed in combination with the cover plate

When you use the Linomat S100 with the 4.0 mm or 5.5 mm cover plate?

The Linomat S100 with 4, 0 mm cover plate is ideal if you are going to paint a wall or ceiling and the adjacent wall or ceiling is smooth or lightly sprayed. By the thinner cover plate you can come closer to corners and edges so that you have a even tighter end result has.

The Linomat S100 with 5, 5 mm cover plate is ideal if you are going to paint a wall or ceiling and the adjacent wall or ceiling that strong bumpy or not completely straight runs. The thicker plate captures the difference in the distance between wall and ceiling so that a straight line is created. So it seems like you finish painting the wall or ceiling that optically straight.

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