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Specialized tool for accurate color separation

With the quality and service where Linomat stands for.

The Linomat paint rollers and tassel are an innovative product that is unrivaled for years. Linomat specializes painter’s tools for accurate color separations. Whether you are going to paint ceilings or walls, window frames, masking of adjacent surfaces is obsolete. In an instant you paints tight along Windows, corners of walls and ceilings and create separation edges without the annoyance of the taping.

De Linomat products:

Linomat S 100 paint roller with 100% polyamide roller is ideal for walls and ceilings. Available with 5.5 mm and 4.0 mm cover plate.
Linomat S 200 with foam roller is the smaller variant of the S 100 paint roller. Where the S 100 paint roller will not use the S 200 foam roller. Do not afschikken by the foam roller! This has been developed for water borne paints, also for latex and wall paints.
Paintbrush, used Linomat S 300 is for the fine work by e.g. Windows and Panel doors.

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