We have chosen to let your payment act by Mollie.

Molliw offers a wide range of payment options such as Giropay, Mister Cash, iDeal, Bitcoins, Credit card ED.
This also allows customers from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany simple and secure electronic payment through various payment methods.

Why did we choose for Mollie payments?

For the provision of payment it is necessary that our customers are exchanging data with the payment provider. Netherlands Linomat thinks this should be done as safely as possible if the technique currently allows. Mollie is capable of providing the information via our website are delivered through a secure SSL connection to a secure SSL connection from Sisow to process. This gives you as a consumer an extra security At Mollie go to highly secure payment environment of your chosen bank. The connection of a 256 bit encrypted SSL connection secured via Mollie. Apart from the necessary data (the amount and order reference) which are sent encrypted, we will send no data on the internet. You create your own secure account to which your optimal protection is guaranteed.
For more information, please visit the website of Mollie.


When did you in accordance with the law on distance selling a sale agreement.
Do you have a sales contract closed at Linomat Netherlands on the moment you start the payment process. At that time the order will be generated in the shop is the purchase agreement closed according to the law on distance selling. Even if you did not complete the payment, is in fact the sale closed and serves you the payment. You can only undo the sale by notice by e-mail, post or telephone within 7 working days.


Also can be paid easily pay with Paypal through your own bank account or credit card

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